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A mining boom in the late 19th-century helped establish the town of Telluride along the San Miguel River. Yet Telluride’s history reads more like an adventure and aptly garnered the nickname, “To Hell You Ride”. At its height, the population was estimated at 5,000 with electric power coming early to Telluride, in 1891. Later that decade, Butch Cassidy began his career in crime with the Wild Bunch, stealing just over $24,000 from the San Miguel National Bank. It would be the collapse of the silver market in 1893 however, which started a decline and the rapid loss of population for Telluride.

A century-later, a renewed spirit emerged and Telluride has become one of today’s top ski destinations in the world. The Telluride downtown area is designated a National Historic Landmark District, due to the authentic and original, old-west architecture featuring a wealth of Victorian-era buildings and homes. At present, Telluride’s population has settled in at just under 2,500 residents.

Currently named Conde Nast’s Top Ski Resort in North America three years in a row now, 2015 Ski Magazine’s reader’s #1 Ski Resort for “Overall Satisfaction”, “Scenery” & “Character”, TripAdvisor’s Top Destinations 2015, Fodor Travel’s Top 10 “Best Small Towns in America” and ranked in Forbe’s magazine’s Top 10 Mountain Resorts in the World, Telluride has a sterling, and well-deserved reputation for outstanding accommodations and facilities. Properties include many homes geared toward the ski resort; yet many also range from ranch and farm properties to expansive estates, luxury condominiums, and more.  From communities like Elk Run to Gray Head,  Sunset Ridge to The Preserve, let our team of Telluride real estate experts introduce you to the many wonderful options available to you.